Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions

Tool Truck App is an easy to use platform that allows technicians and shop owners to store information about the tools they need or tools that have been sent out for repair. Additional functions built into the application allow you to share this information with tool trucks in your area. You get to choose who sees your information by searching for your local tool truck driver and connecting them with your lists. Once connected, you can message your driver at any time regarding orders, tool availability, warranty work, etc.

No contracts, no hidden fees and, best of all, no adds! Tool Truck App is free to use for Technicians, Shop owners and Truck Owners.

Tool Truck App could very easily be used anywhere in the world. If you are a professional technician, repair shop owner, or tool truck owner that is located outside of the United States and you are interested in our application, please contact us at info@tooltruckapp.com.

  • Download the application to your Android or Apple mobile device
  • Create an account
  • Search and connect with your local tool trucks
  • Save information about what tools you need, want or have been sent out for repair
  • Download the application to your Android or Apple mobile device
  • Create an account*
  • Search and connect with your technicians and shop owners
  • Receive real-time requests from technicians and shop owners


Tool Trucks can only be found within the application if your tool truck owner has signed up with us. If you cannot find your driver please email us at tooltruck@tooltruckapp.com with your driver’s information and we will reach out to them. Be sure to include your driver’s name, franchise they work with, and driver’s phone number or email.

We support all tool manufacturers. This platform can be utilized by anyone who owns and operates a tool truck, works as a technician, or owns a repair facility. It doesn’t matter what brand you support, Tool Truck App is compatible.