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Welcome to Tool Truck App

Our platform allows technicians and shop owners to connect with tool truck franchise owners any time, any place. Tool Truck App will help tool truck owners better serve their customers’ needs. Quicker stops, competitive pricing, and sales advantage are just a few of the many benefits that this application provides.

Types of Users


Shop Owner

Tool Truck Owner

How It Works

Sign Up With Tool Truck App

Signing up is easy and free. Minimal information is needed to create an account to access the many features Tool Truck App provides.

Access to Dashboard

Technician: Utilize your dashboard to save lists of Needed or Wanted tools, record when tools were sent out for repair or calibration, find local tool trucks, and message tool truck owners with questions about tools.

Tool Trucks: Receive notifications every time one of your technicians adds a tool to their lists. In addition to the mobile app, Tool Truck accounts have the additional feature of being able to log into your account through our website.

Add, Edit and Delete Tool Information

Access one of three lists to log information about Needed and Wanted tools or items that have been sent out for service. Service item lists allow you to record who the tool was sent out with, sent dates, and promise dates. Only connected tool trucks will be notified about repairs and list updates.

Technicians can search Local Tool Trucks and Connect with Them

Utilize our platform’s “Find My Tool Truck” function to find and connect with local tool trucks. Once connected you can message your drivers for information about tools, promotions and repairs.

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    Product Benefits

    Tool truck app allow technicians to receive better customer service and purchase the tools they need to complete daily tasks.

    • Easy to use
    • Connect with your tool truck(s) any time, any place
    • Let the app convey your needs to local tool trucks
    • Quicker stops
    • Free to use for Technicians and Shop Owners
    • No advertisements
    • Designed by Technicians, for Technicians

    Low Maintenance

    No Advertisements

    Free for Technicians, Shop Owners and Truck Owners

    Download and Connect with Local Tool Trucks, Right Away!

    • This platform was created by technicians with the technician in mind.
    • This application allows you to connect with as many tool trucks as you like.
    • Permission from technicians is required before any tool trucks can see their lists.
    • Permission features allow you to control who you connect with and who gets to see your list's information.

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    Thank you for supporting Tool Truck App! Our mission is to help technicians, shop owners, and tool truck owners find success through frequent and clear communication. We hold ourselves to a high standard of customer service and want you to know that we appreciate you very much. If you are ever unsatisfied with our product, or if you are happy with our product and just want to tell us about it, please let us know at: comments@tooltruckapp.com. We are always working on newer, more efficient versions of this product and look forward to working with you in the future.

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